Pineapple Flamingo Party Supplies – Summer Party Ideas

Bring the Vacation Vibes with These Summer Party Ideas

Let’s get tropical! Summer is certainly bringing the heat – and what better way to soak in the sunshine than with a pineapple and flamingo-filled party? Whether it’s a summer luau or backyard BBQ, our Summer Pineapple and Flamingo party supplies are sure to make celebrations sizzle.

While this vibrant collection of tableware and decorations already brings plenty of island vibes to the table, we added some extra ideas guaranteed to get guests flamingling. So, stick a straw in a pineapple, relax, and keep reading for some excellent tricks to throwing a super fun summer party!

Drink Umbrella Party Backdrop - Summer Party Ideas

Relax Under Our Umbrellas

Crafting a DIY Paper Umbrella Garland is an awesome way to make your party feel just like the beach! It doesn’t take a lot of work and it’s well worth the finished result. All you need are our 4” Paper Parasol Picks, some fishing line, a needle, and a pair of scissors. Here’s how it’s done:

      1. Carefully unfold all the umbrella picks.
      2. Run the fishing line through your needle and tie a knot.

      3. Poke the needle through the top of an umbrella (as close to the center as possible) to begin making the garland.

      4. Wrap the line around the spokes one or two times to secure the umbrella in place.

      5. Run the line through your next umbrella, leaving about 6-8 inches of space in between the umbrellas.

      6. Cut the line when you’ve reached the desired length.

      7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have enough strands of garland to hang side by side.

      8. Tape your strands of garland to the wall!

With your fancy umbrella garland on display, you’ll be ready to crank up the tunes and enjoy some drinks!

Summer Party Beverage Bar - Summer Party Ideas

The Ultimate Cool-Down Station

We can smell all the fruit from here! Break out the beverages, it’s time to build the perfect drink station. Did you know you can keep your drinks cold with something a lot more fun than just regular ice cubes? Try freezing water balloons! Our Water Bomb Balloons are sure to brighten up any drink bucket.

When it’s time to serve, pour some orange juice over a splash of grenadine (optional idea: add tequila) to create a stylish summery drink to sip. Spear a few fresh pieces of fruit with the remaining drink umbrellas and use them as garnishes. If you like variety, you’ll want to have some of our Assorted Tropical Fruit Picks and Plastic Flamingo Picks handy as well. And don’t forget the striped paper straws! They’re fun to drink from and they’re eco-friendly.

At the end of the party the water balloons will most likely be thawed, so get everyone together for a fun – and refreshing – ice cold water balloon toss!

Pineapples and flamingos make the perfect summertime pair. Browse all of our Summer Pineapple and Flamingo party supplies and decorations in our digital catalog online, and place your orders today.

Pineapple Flamingo Party Supplies – Summer Party Ideas

Featured Solid and Pineapple Flamingo Summer Party Supplies:

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M. Water Bomb Balloons – 5158

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O. Giant Foil Pineapple Balloon – 56605

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S. Plastic Flamingo Picks – 19208

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