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No Helium, No Problem – Get Decorating With These Helium-Free Balloon Ideas

When it comes to throwing a party, no occasion feels complete without balloons. They’re a staple in the world of party decorations – and typically, we fill them up with helium before putting them on display. But as you’ve probably heard by now, we’re in the midst of a global helium shortage. From a decrease in production to an increase in demand, there’s a list of reasons why helium is running low (despite being the second-most abundant element in the universe). While some companies have discovered new sources of helium, it will take time for miners to make the lighter-than-air gas widely available again.

Fortunately, helium isn’t the only option for filling up balloons. There are plenty of ways to easily assemble creative balloon displays, using just air to fill them up. We put together five no-helium balloon decorations, including balloon arches, table centerpieces, and more. Keep reading to see how you can still decorate with balloons – no helium required!

Rainbow Linking Balloons – Non-Helium Balloon Decorating Ideas

If you can think it, you can link it

Let’s start with the easy stuff! Linking balloons earn the first spot on our list because they’re a quick, no-sweat solution for your party decorating needs. Each linking balloon features an elongated tip that will be tied to the knot of the balloon before it. Inflate each balloon, by mouth or with a pump, then tie them nose to knot, creating a balloon chain of your desired length. Shorter chains can be draped loosely on a wall, or stretched semi-tight to line a table, mantelpiece, or railing. Longer chains look excellent hung from the ceiling canopy-style, in a fashion similar to streamers. You can even use a wire or another sturdy structure to hold the balloons in a dazzling arch-shape!

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Keep it crafty

Next up is a fun helium-free balloon decorating idea that will unleash your inner artist. Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes even the simplest shape is all you need to bring your vision to life. Our DIY cactus balloon decoration, as seen in our Llama Party Ideas Blog, was a ton of fun to create and it really added to the party’s atmosphere. Using a small flower pot, a normal-sized green balloon, two small yellow balloons, tape, and a sharpie, we were able to put together a cool little attention-stealer to put on display. The balloon craft could also make a fun little party activity for guests, as well as a favor for everyone to take home!

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Balloon wall decorations

These types of no-helium balloon arrangements are a little bit harder to make, but they’re well worth the effort! You can find the basic version in our Shark Party Ideas Blog. Or, be really wowed by the balloon wall art from our Outer Space Party Ideas Blog, which featured planet-shaped balloons and hanging tinsel. The overall concept is simple! Inflate a bunch of balloons of different sizes, then thread them together using a needle and some fishing line or string. The more variety you have in sizes, the better your balloons will be layered, and the more breath-taking the result will be. If the needle seems like too much work, you can also use donut-shaped pieces of tape to connect all the balloons in your desired arrangement.

Balloon Table Runner – Non-Helium Balloon Decorating Ideas

Balloon table runner

This idea is very similar to our last one, except this time your balloon masterpiece will go right on a tabletop! Start by threading together the air-inflated balloons – loosely. Then, to add some texture to your centerpiece, fill the extra space between each balloon with colorful tissue paper decorations. The best part is, you can customize this balloon arrangement – or any of the balloon arrangements in this blog post – to fit any color scheme. So get ready to celebrate helium-free!

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Non-floating floor décor

One last idea that involves very little effort: scatter some air-filled balloons on the floor! All you have to do is inflate as many balloons as you want, and you can quickly create a high-spirited space for all your guests to roam. Check it out in our Bachelorette Party Ideas Blog!

Helium may be running low, but you don’t have to give up on decorating with balloons. Browse all of our foil and latex balloons in our digital catalog and place your orders today!